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Jan 30, 2015
Posted by: sstewart
Republicans took control of both the House and the Senate, finally. The rhetoric coming out of the party sounds good, but they have done nothing but authorized funding Obama's lawless debt and deficit building executive actions...
Nov 5, 2014
Posted by: sstewart

Six years ago, a twisted band of socialists managed to take over our Senate and a large percentage of the popular vote. Though they were quickly exposed for what they truly represented, they reigned for six years and inflicted untold damage on our country...

Sep 23, 2014
Posted by: sstewart

This was President Reagan's formal goodbye to the nation after the completion of two terms in office. I wonder what he'd say of the disasters Obama and his ilk have bestowed upon us?

Sep 20, 2014
Posted by: sstewart

Got this in an email from my neighbor. Some very good points to ponder...


Aug 25, 2014
Posted by: sstewart
Though authored over 238 years ago, this document is eerily relevant today...