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Aug 25, 2014   Category:  General  Government Reform  Taxation Reform  Obama  Learn    Posted Posted by: sstewart
Though authored over 238 years ago, this document is eerily relevant today...
Jul 23, 2014   Category:  General  Government Reform  Obama  Learn    Posted Posted by: sstewart

Seriously? The liberal media and the Obama administration are slamming Israel instead of Hamas? 

Jul 17, 2014   Category:  General  Obama  Learn    Posted Posted by: sstewart

Well, at this point it should be fairly clear to most of us that Obama is not who we thought he was. Whether you believe he's a brilliant reformer, a front man for socialists, or just another misguided liberal, you have to admit that he's been more of a problem than a solution...

Jun 5, 2014   Category:  General  Learn    Posted Posted by: sstewart
Haven't seen anybody like him yet. Why?
Jan 31, 2014   Category:  General  Government Reform  Learn    Posted Posted by: sstewart
A listing of the 25 major government agencies that consume and waste our money. How many could we do without?

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