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Mar 3, 2015
Posted by: sstewart
A very important case will be begin in the Supreme Court tomorrow. The case involves a major component of Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act). If we still have a principled and just court, the outcome will be that up to 34 States will lose government subsidies (tax credits) and millions of people could lose their government subsidized healthcare plans, which would of course, spell the end for Obamacare...
Feb 27, 2015
Posted by: sstewart

Under the guise of "Net Neutrality," our tyrannical government is now attempting to regulate the Internet. What does this mean and why is it so misunderstood? 

Feb 16, 2015
Posted by: sstewart

In a cloak of secrecy, the Obama White House and three Democrat members of the FCC Board of Commissioners are attempting to use the muse of "Net Neutrality" to take control of the Internet in much the same fashion as they control telecommunications and healthcare...

Feb 6, 2015
Posted by: sstewart

Yes, America has had an enemy within since our inception...

Jan 30, 2015
Posted by: sstewart

Republicans took control of both the House and the Senate, finally. The rhetoric coming out of the party sounds good, but they have done nothing but authorized funding Obama's lawless debt and deficit building executive actions...